Facebook Branding

  • Why is Facebook marketing important for your website?
    Every day millions of people spend hours together in Facebook. Even if you manage to get the attention of just a fraction of those visitors, your website’s traffic rate will surge high by several times. Don’t you want to capitalize on the Facebook traffic and make your website popular? Yes, you certainly do, just as you are making other marketing efforts, it is vital that you add Facebook advertising to your marketing mix. Do not miss out on all the advantages that you could possibly leverage from our Facebook marketing service.
  • How can Facebook marketing help you?

    • With Facebook having over a billion active users, your website, brand, products and services are likely to have an amazing reach in this platform.
    • As this is a search engine friendly advertising platform, your website’s overall visibility in the search engines will also be boosted. Top search engines like Google are constantly monitoring the social media signals and they are incorporated in their ranking algorithm. Therefore by making your brand visible in the social media, you are also likely to improve your ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
    • It is possible to reach highly targeted customers through Facebook and increase the traffic rate to your website using the most search engine friendly day.
    • Facebook ranks #1 in the social media and all branding efforts in this platform will yield amazing ROI.
    • Brand power could be easily boosted by making your brand visible in Facebook.
    • It helps in attracting new customers and also in retaining existing customers through continual reinforcement of brand identity on the target group.
    • Facebook marketing is basically a content based strategy. It is a known fact that Google craves for content and the Facebook marketing strategy will have double impact on your website.
  • Key features

    • Only highly experienced experts will be engaged in Facebook social media marketing service.
    • We will create the required content which will be shared in the social media site. You need not have to worry about creating the content or about hiring a content writer for the creation of the promotional content for your social media campaigns.
    • All the content will target your keywords to increase the traffic to your website that matters the most.
    • The service covers everything from creation of the brand page, popularizing your content to providing you with a detailed campaign report.
    • Our Facebook marketing service will be geared to sending out powerful social media signals at a strategic pace to get the
    • maximum benefits possible.
    • Our campaigns help you get closer to your customers and improve your brand power.
    • We will custom design a very engaging Facebook page for your brand.
    • ery cost effective and flexible Facebook marketing packages to suit your needs and budget.
    • A dedicated project manager to take care of your order.
    • At the end of the campaign you will get a detailed report regardless of the package you choose.
    • You will enjoy exceptional customer service and also complete satisfaction.

Package Limited Time Offer

Services FM-1 FM-2 FM-3
Engaging Facebook Content

[Content with potential of going viral + Engaging Hashtags]

20 40 60
Brand Page Creation yes yes yes
Blog Post Creation & Promotion

[500 words content publishing + 25 SBM of each post]

1 2 3
FB Notes Creation no 1 2
yes yes yes
yes yes yes
no no no
yes yes yes
no no no
yes yes yes
no no no
yes yes yes
yes yes yes
yes yes yes
30 Day 45 Day 60 Day
Costing $ 552.00
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$ 902.00
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$ 1502.00
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