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  • Google+ Marketing Can Help Your Brand
    Google+ is gaining momentum as a social media platform and it is likely to be the third most popular social media platform following Twitter. So if you are trying to revamp your social media presence, then without making Google+ marketing your efforts will be incomplete. Get started with Google+ marketing and get your brand noticed. There is severe competition in all the niche industries. As a webmaster, you are required to take multi-pronged approach to fighting this competition. Whether you are a brand new website or a brand that has been around for some time but with limited visibility, promoting your brand in Google+ could help you achieve your business objective faster. We are here to help you establish powerful presence in Google+.
  • How can Google+ marketing help your brand?

    • Google+ is becoming increasingly popular day by day. Google is making continuous efforts in making this platform the number one social media platform. Having strong presence now in Google+ will help you leverage better results when this platform does become the number one platform. Currently, it is listed under the first five social media platforms.
    • Promoting your brand in Google+ will help you gain better visibility in Google search results. Even though Google has not admitted that it gives priority to profiles in Google+ when it comes to ranking websites, there is certainly an underlying benefit in promoting your brand in Google's own social media platform.
    • Attract targeted visitors to your website by using highly focused keyword targeting.
    • Improved brand visibility though this platform. Helps in building a network of followers in Google+ and build brand power.
    • The social media platform has 350 million users and you could reach at least a few million people with effective strategies.
    • All the top brands are already in Google+ and by securing your space, you are ensuring that you are also in line with the top brands and with the industry practices that are proven to be helpful.
  • Key features

    • Attracts the highly targeted traffic to your website and improves your brand visibility in one of the most popular social media platforms.
    • Highly keyword targeting is possible.
    • Seasoned social media marketing experts are engaged in the execution of your Google+ campaign.
    • New account will be created and relevant posts will be made as per the plan chosen.
    • This is a 100% search engine friendly approach and in particular compliant with Google's latest ranking algorithm.
    • We provide highly comprehensive service that covers all aspects of Google+ marketing. You just need to choose a plan, sit back and relax while we did everything for you.
    • Detailed report on the marketing campaign will be sent at the completion of the service.
    • A dedicated account manager will be assigned to execute your order, who will be your single point of contact with the company.
    • Your Google+ profile will be promoted aggressively online.
    • Outstanding customer support for all customers.
    • Competitively priced plans to suit your needs and to suit everyone's budget.

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Engaging Google + Content

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Blog Post Creation & Promotion

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