Monthly Link Building

  • Online Success Possible Only With SEO
    If you want your website to attract a lot of visitors and if you want your website to be successful, the only way you could do it today is through SEO or Search Engine Optimization. However, not everyone has a huge budget for their search engine optimization. Most of the SEO companies charge their customers a bomb and they often want them to sign up for long term contracts even though they themselves do not promise or guarantee any results. if you are faced with any such predicament, then all these need not be a problem any longer. We offer monthly SEO service. This service is designed specifically for small and medium sized organizations with limited budget for SEO. You can now get your website to the top of the search results using this hassle free SEO solutions.
  • How can monthly SEO help?

    • Your brand visibility will be boosted through monthly SEO plans.
    • You can get more traffic to your website from highly targeted sources.
    • Your brand image will be enhanced and will help your customers find you more easily and with improved brand image the buying decision of the target audience will also be improved.
    • It will help you establish your online presence just as you are starting your online journey as a brand your website.
  • Key features

    • The best part of our monthly SEO service is that there is no need to sign up for long term contracts. Each plan lasts only for 30 days. You could go on monthly basis renewing the plans. You could start any time or stop anytime with each billing month.
    • You enjoy complete freedom and flexibility with your website's online promotional needs.
    • Multiple strategies are used to promote your website in the most stress free way.
    • You are free to choose a plan you like based on the keywords that you like to target and based on your budget.
    • We make use of advanced SEO strategies that will help your website get excellent online visibility and customer reach.
    • We will promote your website in all high traffic networks.
    • Your ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing will improve over a period of time.
    • There are no hidden charges. You just need to pay the package fee indicated along with the plan chosen.
    • These plans include content based strategies too and all the content required for your order will be created by our experts. You need not have to be troubled with the thought of finding your content providers.
    • All the content created will be 100% original and unique. You need not have to worry about the quality of the content as we have the best team of writers to take care of your needs.
    • All the submissions, wherever required will be handled manually and not automated submissions. We keep the whole process 100% search engine friendly.
    • You will also get an elaborate report which is included in your plan.
    • We take customer support seriously and we will also assign a dedicated account manager for your order.

Package Limited Time Offer

Services MLB Plan-1 MLB Plan-2 MLB Plan-3
High PR Manual Directory submission 25 DS 50 DS 75 DS
Quality Manual Social Bookmarking 25 SBM 25 SBM 25 SBM
General High PR Blog posting 2 BP - 500 words each 3 BP - 500 words each 5 BP - 500 words each
High quality Web 2.0 properties creation 2 Web 2.0 - 500 words each 3 Web 2.0 - 500 words each 5 Web 2.0 - 500 words each
1 AL - 500 words each 3 AL - 500 words each 5 AL - 500 words each
1 NBP - 500 words each 3 NBP - 500 words each 5 NBP - 500 words each
no 1 SLC - 750 words 1 SLC - 750 words
no 10 Classified Submission 15 Classified Submission
no no 2 PR writing & Submission - 750 words
no no 1 Doc - 1000 Words
3000 Words unique content creation 6250 Words unique content creation 11250 Words unique content creation
30 days 30 days 30 days
yes yes yes
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$ 475.00
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