Pinterest Branding

  • Do you really need Pinterest marketing?
    Whenever you want to promote your brand and your website online, you need to have multiple strategies in your bag. You should tap the potential of all the latest strategies that are out there making the news when you do that your brand will make news. Pinterest marketing is one such strategy. On the one hand, we are focusing on content based strategies and at the same time we need to look at other forms of reaching out to your target audience. Sharing of images is one such form that you should take advantage of in reaching another major segment of your target audience. Pinterest is one of the top five social media platforms that you are going to consider for promoting your website and taking it to a whole new level. Every day Pinterest receives thousands of active visitors spending several minutes just browsing through their favourite photos. Your brand could secure a special place for itself in Pinterest and start attracting countless new visitors and prospective business leads.
  • How can Pinterest marketing help you?

    • Your brand will have a special space in Pinterest where your brand related photos and images could be shared. This will prove to be a powerful channel that brings thousands of visitors to your website.
    • Pinterest is a Google friendly approach to promoting your brand. You will also help you build powerful online profile for your brand.
    • With Pinterest marketing service you will be able to attract highly targeted traffic to your website.
    • The visibility level of your brand will be boosted in Pinterest, which is one of the top five social media platforms on the internet.
    • Pinterest marketing gives you a chance to target the special segment of audience who are visually inclined and audience that love visual stimuli.
  • Key features

    • We have the most experienced team of social media marketing experts with special training in Pinterest marketing who will be engaged to promote your brand in this platform.
    • We will setup your Pinterest account and create Pinterest boards that are relevant to your industry.
    • Very engaging images will be pinned in the boards that we create.
    • We will create a powerful profile for your brand providing all the vital brand information, which will make it easy for your target audience to reach you easily.
    • Only the safest strategies will be used to promote your brand in Pinterest. Your brand and your website are safe with us.
    • Our Pinterest campaigns will help you improve your brand visibility and give you that special place online which you have always been longing for.
    • We have affordably priced Pinterest marketing services and plans that match your budget.
    • We assure excellent value for your money regardless of the plan that you choose.
    • You will have a dedicated account manager to take care of your order.
    • At the end of the campaign you will get a detailed free report.
    • You will own your Pinterest boards that we create for you during the campaign.
    • Best customer service assured.

Package Limited Time Offer

Services PM-1 PM-2 PM-3
Engaging Pinterest Content

[Content with potential of going viral + Engaging Hashtags]

20 40 60
Brand Page Creation yes yes yes
Blog Post Creation & Promotion

[500 words content publishing + 25 SBM of each post]

1 2 3
yes yes yes
yes yes yes
no no no
yes yes yes
no no no
no no no
yes yes yes
yes yes yes
yes yes yes
30 Days 45 Days 60 Days
Costing $ 252.00
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$ 502.00
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$ 702.00
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